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Hide details for Roaming userRoaming user
JVEKAQ5JALFixed a roaming user issue that results in an empty "At Location" field when a user roams to another computer. This was a regression introduced in...
Hide details for RouterRouter
JVEKAR7J8FServer - Router - Fixed an issue where public email groups would not expand when $ExpandGroups=3 was set. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1...
Hide details for SametimeSametime
SWAS98RSD3Fixed a Server crash issue due ot invalid handles
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
AFAAARBP6P[iNotes - VOP] Should not show Password dialogue if click New button to create invitation
AFAAARBP8U[iNotes - VOP] Should not show blank page if click Cancel in pop up password dialogue
JAQOAKRTUMFixed a Domino Server crash when processing user certificates in the Domino Directory.
JMEAAC4QPBFix an issue where the password is displayed on the Notes Client splash screen while loading
MKINAN5T74Fixed an issue where when SAML login is enabled, fall back to basic authentication does not work
MSKAAPEQ7MFixed a server crash during ID vault processing
PKIM9XSUTUFixed an issue where an SSL certificate validation does not allow partial chains
YJIAAR4LEV[iNotes - VOP] Fixed an issue where it shows the password after clicking the cancel button and reopening again
Hide details for ServerServer
ASHHABSBHKFixed an issue where running Dbmt on an NSF file, intermittently leaves the ORIG file.
LRHG9T78WWFixed an HTTP crash in memory allocation when Sametime calls into Domino
PMGYAMDCQXFixed a Server crash due to a nullhandle of a note
TDOOAREP8WFixed an issue where the server ran into a deadlock during NIF Note Update after upgrading to 9.01FP9
JMANARHGVAFixed a Domino Server crash on nHttp nnotes.cvsConvertCharSet
Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
MKINAL3TFCSurpress SSL/TLS handshake errors unless debug is enabled
MKINADDTTSImproved serviceability of the loadmon tool.
MKINABTUGHFix misleading error messages when trying to do a 'starttls' from an already encrypted channel.
JPAIATXP4DFixed a Server Crash issue with a bad block handle
JPAIA54P55Fixed a memory overwrite when parsing addresses.
MKIN9LNRCUHTTP Serviceability improvements
MKIN9UAVKYServiceability improvement to print more information when a DSAPI filter fails to load
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